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TBC Update 1/7/06

Check out the New African American House and Home Directory. Now you can find resources and tips from African American Living Magzines, Home Decoraters, and Black Interior Designers.

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TBC Update 9/25/2004

Oh to be twenty-something. Fresh out of college. Independent. And with a new Home that's all your own. In a nutshell, this is what TBC is all about. A place for the young and young at heart to gain advise about finding your first place, furnishing, catering to guests, dealing with crazy roomates and more!

Find Me A Home: First Step - Resources 9/25/2004
Before you do anything else, do your homework. Getting your own place can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing. The realty biz is no place for dummies, one minute your looking for a 2 bedroom less than a thousand dollars the next minute a broker has you signing a lease for a place that 2g's a month!! And that's not including utilities. So my advice to you is to research first. If you are fresh out, or on your way out of college, check to see if your school has an office for "Off Campus Housing." This is an ideal place to start. For those of you who chose to opt out of the college scene, check out the Housing Guide at my alma mater, Columbia University. (Click Here to View the Guide).
A few things to keep in mind, in the event that you choose to rent, write down a list of questions to ask your prospective landlord. Where are the nearest supermarkets and eateries. Are utilities included? Has the aparment been recently renovated? Things of that nature. Don't be shy. This is your investment, so make it a good one. If you want to find something without a broker start with your local newspapers for classified adds. And check out, this is a nationwide resource for local apartment listings. If you have bad credit, you will need a guarantor, which is someone who co-signs the lease with you and agrees to pay your rent in the event that you are unable to.
Are you Being Served? 9/25/2004

So what's on the menu tonight? Something hot? Something not - so - hot? Send us your best recipes and will send them to the world. Submissions joyfully accepted right here.

Recipes are on the way, but until check out these books for some great ideas.

The New Soul Food Cookbook for People with Diabetes

Patti Labelle's Lite Cuisine

digital Destination 9/25/2004

before TBC was a twinkle in mommaMsoy's eye, she was all about Digs Magazine. This online resource serves at a home + living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation. From decorating tips to tasty recipes, if you can't find it on TBC, Digs is the next best place to look.

digs Magazine
Shopping Tips: A Hunt for Houseware 9/25/2004

I am an urban girl with urban taste. I want my home to have retro, pier 1 type of feel, without the crazy prices. For that reason, I've found a few low budget places, with high quality items to share with all my msoy pals. Top secret #1, the best place to shop is Macy's department store, The Cellar. But don't just go to the cellar all will nilly. You have to go when the sales are on. You can find some expensive houseware at 75% less than anywhere else! Two equally good places for those who aren't into sale watching are Target and theContainerstore. These spots always have good prices. With or without a sale.

Shopping with Benefits 9/25/2004

Make Every Purchase Count - Join MyPoints!I am debit card queen, my quote, "Charge it!" If you are like me, espeically when it comes to buying houseware, then I have found the perfect web tool to compliment your shopaholic ways: At this site, you earn rewards for shopping at stores like JCpenny's, target, thecontainstore, ebay, and so many other popular department stores. With every purchase you acquire more points, which you can trade in for Gift Cards for meals, movies, clothes and more. Plus membership is free. Earn Rewards for shopping - Join MyPoints

Eat Out and Feel Good 9/26/2004

A Few months back a friend told me about a great website,, now called Like, you get rewards for what you buy except in this case its what's you eat! Take out a bunch of friends have them give you the cash, and put the bill on your card. You look like an angel, but what they don't know is that your getting free bonus points to use at the resturant at a later date and time. Its a cool concept don't you think?

msoy Goodies for any Home: what's here, on the way, and still to come? 9/25/2004

1. Invite your friends over, with one of our eCards. msoy Evites section is still not ready, but it is coming soon. Until then check out our ecards, and send someone alittle something special today.

2. HealthNut, and msoy original project, will soon be featuring, Healthy Appetite, a menu both your mouth and your waist line can enjoy.

shop URBAN 9/25/2004

What's good food and friends without alittle entertertainment. Find the latest urban movies and books to jump start any house party at our new SHOP URBAN, website. Our new site even has houseware on sale! Remember to try searching, if you don't initially see what your looking for.

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