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sheRhymes.... In the beginning there was poetry and then we had spoken word, which evolved into floetry, which is like poetry defying norms or rather forms of spoken word and song. Submit poetry here. Read Accepted Submissions below.
An exerpt from, Touched by boys Loved By Men, a collection of short poetry and spoken word by Lashanda Henry (an msoy original publication)

Watching mamma sleep
I used to watch my mamma lay in bed Rest her heavy head upon a light pillow And drift into a silent slumberI used to wonder what made My mamma so sleepy so
I didn't know till I did grow
Into a younger image of she and
All the pain in me melted into the Sweetest of sleeping potions Calming the commotion in my

Heavy head and
Sending me to bed where
I lay dead if only for a little while
I could pile up the covers
Ease the vileness of lovers
Who failed to return my love
Like a glove mamma’s old ways fit
Quite nicely and I learned precisely Why mamma used to lay in bed and Rest her heavy head
Upon a light pillow
To read more exerpts or purchase a copy of TBBLBM click here.
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Skanovia T. Williams 
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---Cassandra Dillon
This Floetry section is dedicated to Spoken word artists who rock my world and possibly yours too. Nuff Respect to the the musical group "Floetry" . Their ubran - nu classic soul styles reminds me of Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, and the entire dirty back pack crew. 
Eve, Missy, Foxy, and Lil Kim aren't all the only sistahs doing there thing on the hip-hop scene. MSOY friend Bggyrl, has a website that showcases female hip-hop and spoken word artists. Plus she is working on a compilation CD. If you would like to submit your work to the CD, or just hear the track, click here.
Jill Scott took us all on a long walk and the journey is far from over. What can I say, she can sing, she can flow, and she's deep too. Visit Jills website if you want to know more about her. If you just want to listen to her flow, then go to "Floetry In Motion", the msoy radio station strictly dedicated to spoken word artists and poets.  
Ursula Rucker first stood out to me on the Roots track, "Lullaby." I heard her voice and I was hooked. She's quite different from Jill Scott, but in definitly in a good way. Her work is both politically consciencous and mentally stimulating. Just one listen, and your hooked. Are you ready to listen?
Featured on Bggyrls compilation Cd, is a track that I personally am really feeling - "Father less" by the very taltend Abiyah. You can listent to it, as well as her other works on mp3.com. I think she's definitly a new star in the making.

ThatBitch.com: So There are some people in this world I can't tolerate, but there are a few elite sistahs that get my utmost respect and Huny is most def. One of them. Her site is hot, her graphics are hot, and her poetry is the bomb. I can say no more.

PoetryTelevision is a video based, multi-cultural online forum that celebrates the word and its voice. Jill Scott will be releasing a book of poems entitled,
"The Minutes, The Moments, The Hours"
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