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Search Black on Multiple Shades of You Online New MSOY, New Year 1/7/2005

Multiple Shades of You Online has entered a new era. In addition to the original African American content that msoy creates, the site now includes a Search Urban - Search Black Directory, Black RSS Feeds, the msoy member community, and new black blogs! Expect new things from msoy in the new year.

letter from the Editor 9/27/2004

the site with many faces, msoy has once again changed its style. but I think it is for the better. with every new look msoy brings you more and more quality content. To those of you who have sent me emails, I greatly appreciate your interest, and I apologize for any delayed responses. the latest developments in msoy have been quite taxing, but now that its 75% over, I will be getting to all of you shortly.

about msoy 9/27/2004

msoy means multilple shades of you online. Created to represent the many shades of color that exist in America and beyond. msoy began as an ezine and evolved into more. since its inception in June 2000, msoy strives to produce and promote quality web content for people of color.

New Ish 2/15/2004

BlackBored: The New Edition to msoy features original poetry and spoken word.

lil' Bits 2/2/2005

When it comes to quality content for children of color there is alway room for more! Lil' Bits, is one of many msoy projects by LaShanda Henry. My goal is to create a new collection of works for the young and the young at heart.

the eZine 9/27/2004

msoy's first project, this zine was created to provide young women of color ages 5-17 with positive reflections of themselves. seperated into 3 age areas, babyGirlz, preTeenz, and Teenz, the eZine strives to be both informative, and entertaining.

our media 9/27/2004

The essence of our media is an interactive online television created to serve as a tool for aspiring film directors and animators of color. served to promote and acknowledge the african american contribution to media and the arts. om is always expanding and now includes media, literature, poetry, and spoken word.

this blue couch 9/27/2004

Oh to be twenty-something. Fresh out of college. Independent. And with a new Home that's all your own. In a nutshell, this is what TBC is all about. A place for the young and young at heart to gain advise about finding your first place, furnishing, catering to guests, dealing with crazy roomates and more!

girlfriends 9/27/2004

girlfriends is an extension of the zine, designed for the older (younger women of color) ages 18 and up. the concept of girlfriends is actually one that is still in the making, so more details about the section are soon to come.

she... 9/27/2004

I'm sure if you have read this far, by this point your thinking another project for women!! And at this point I have to say "yes!" She... is another work in progress that aims to highlight the multiple talents in all women. This section is an extension of sheRhymes, a section devoted to women who write poetry, rhyme, and enjoy spoken word. In the coming months, She... will include more content so keep a look out for whats to come.

publications 9/27/2004

I've discovered a renewed passion for writing and an appreciation for self publication. My first completed work, Touched By Boys, Loved By Men is a collection of short poems and spoken word. And it is available for review/sale on msoy! I am so excited. And you should be too. I have a few more books tucked away.

finAid 9/27/2004

If you are tired of living pay check to pay check say "aMen!" The sigh of relief after paying off one too many bills, coupled with the idea to create Girlfriends lead to the development of finAid. Using my new found skills and lots of advice from those in the finance game, I have created alittle home-made resource for those looking to get out of debt and into a brighter financial future.

eMessaging 9/27/2004

We started out with ecards, worked our way to epostcards, and now our digital destinations are expanding to include news ways for friendly communication on the web. Emessaging was designed for the socialite on the go! Forget about snail mail. Keep in contact with friends and family with our collection of animated cards and invitations promoting quality content and positive resorces for people of color.

mobile 9/27/2004

I don't know about you, but I can't live without my cell phone (even when I turn it on silent and ignore the world) Hence the creation of mobile.

forums 9/27/2004

Since msoy has been in the crazy web game, I have been trying to create a popular forum with no luck yet. But try and try again I will!

d-i-y (do it yourself) 9/27/2004

The title just about says it all. This section highlights guides to getting things done on your own. From webdevelopment to planning a great vacaction, in the coming months d-i-y will provide more resources to help you help yourself.

the downLoad 9/27/2004

(shh... let's keep this on the dl tip) I am always online, so I have learned a thing or two about useful software and places to get useful software. And with that idea in mind, the download was born.

shop 9/27/2004

shop msoy isn't just about supporting my site, which is greatly appreciated. like all msoy original projects shop msoy was created to further the goal of quality resources for my members. my newest creation shop urban, is an eXtensive list of music, movies, and books all created for African American viewers. Here you'll find a few things you didn't remember existed, plus alot of things you might be looking for.

lHenry? 9/27/2004

last but not least is ME! mommaMsoy is the flesh. I couldn't create all of this and not squeeze alittle space in here for more on personal me-Fest. This area is highly optional, so go look at it already :)

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