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shop Mobile 9/25/2004

msoy now makes it easier for you to find the right cell phone for you through our new SHOP URBAN, website. Check out the latest designs in the wireless world by clicking here. Remember to try searching, if you don't initially see what your looking for.

choice picks 9/25/2004

Top Pick - 3gupload.com, the #1 website for all your mobile needs. This site has got it all. Ringtones, screesavers, games and applications. You get you own free membership, plus a ton of features. For more details visit: 3gupload.com (My phone would be nothing without it)

Wireless picks from the stars... after all who makes a fashion statement like a celebrity?   9/25/2004
Kanye, Ludacris and The Game hooked up to promote the BoostMobile Antem, "Where you at? The Whole City Behind US" Check out this new digiToy at BoostMobileAnthem.com.Watch the video, scoop the specs and the phone AND visit BoostLive, the official BoostMobile Site for exclusive ringtones and screensavers.
Boost Mobile i730 Prepaid Cellphone
T-Mobile Color Sidekick Phone (T-Mobile)
In The News 2/17/2004

Cell Phone Rings Equal Bling Bling
Chana R. Schoenberger, 02.17.04, 7:00 AM ET

Phone users are rushing to download tiny music files that blare when a phone rings or when the user has voicemail. And what they want on their phones is hip-hop music. The most popular ring tone downloaded onto cell phones last year was taken from the song "In Da Club," by rapper 50 Cent, and the current front-runner is Grammy winner OutKast. Seven of the ten most-downloaded ring tones in 2003 on the Cingular Wireless network were hip-hop songs. -continue reading-

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