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Bigs Tings for Two Thousand Six 1/8/2006

I'm a young old G in this web game. After five years of playing around on msoy I've decided to take this B-otch straight to the digital top, so I'm doing my research and making some changes. 2005 ended with the development of several new msoy original blogs, one of my favorites being sistaweb, one of many new places for me to edu-tain (educate and entertain that is) I hope some one out there is keeping an eye out on msoy and taking notice of my progress. The New Face of msoy is just a small part of all that I have in store for this year. If you haven't already done so sign up to the new MSOY Web Community (e-Blocks), which is going to be like myspace.com meets yahoo.com for black people.

join the msoy e-blocks community designed for African American online viewers
New Ish 2/15/2005

Skip the details, if you want to know me read me. Click Here.

who is LHenry? 9/26/2004

I am... graphically technical - floetically introspectical - highly unforgettable - female ..... friend.

no no really who the heck are you? 9/26/2004

O.K. So I'm this Jamerican brooklyn girl, trying to make a dent in cyber space with my own dreams and ideaologies. (forgive my spelling please) My love for all things technical began in high school. I had a desire to create children's software. In college this desire developed into strictly gracphics design and web development after I realized programming was only fun when I didn't have to do it for anyone else. Macromedia flash became my second best friend. And my third was the excitment of watching the flash animation boom! "Hey Monie!" my first taste of great black animation wet my appetite as far as the positive content one can find on the web for "US". So I started searching, quickly began creating, and I've been at this msoy thing ever since.

do you do web design? 9/26/2004

I doooooo... hence the website. I love designing. If you have a website or web dream and are interested in my services, please visit LHenryWebDesigner, my web design site.

Lady of the Rings 9/26/2004

I worked with this phenomenal professor when I was at Columbia U., Marina Kotzamani (please forgive my spelling - a college degree and I spell like a 4th grader) ... anyhoo. I worked with Marina on a web project entitled, weaver and the web, check it out. It is an interactive art gallery, to say the least. Point being, at the time I loved silver and still do. I had a particular liking for big silver rings. Marina thought my look was quite amusing so she named me, Lady of the Rings (all pun intended) The name stuck and I have been using it as the title for my personal page. Which you can visit if you wish :: LOTR ENTER

Things that have not changed about me. 9/26/2004

sIdE nOTe : [Shanda] after finding this image I realized my boy crazy ways started a long, long, long, time ago.

squeeze the booty love the booty

oh no I've gone and changed it up on ya one more 'gain. growl power baby GrRrRr...
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