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African American Media:
Television isn't all bad, here are a few must see shows that either talk about current Black events & issues or feature African American Tv Hosts.

· My Two Cents - BET Jazz
· I Love Black Tv
· Real Life Divas - BET Jazz
· Tv One on One - TVONE
· Tavis Talks - PBS
· The 5ive - BET
· The Scene: Black Television History
· Meet the Faith - BET
· Black Talk Show Hosts
African American Family:
Rebuilding the Black Community starts with rebuilding Black Families from the inside out.

· A Better Today, A Brighter Tomorrow
· Afrocentric Learning Tools
· Black Moms Club
· Black Family Focus
· Black Parenting Blog
· Proud Black Fathers
· Marry Your Baby Daddy Day
· Mahogany Momma
· Black Family Entertainment
· Raising African American Children
African American Culture:
Make Cultural Trips and Black Movie Nights a regular part of your families day to day living.

· What's Poppin - Black Events
· African Ancestry - Trace Your DNA
··Universoul Circus
· Alvin Ailey Dance Company
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Original Articles and Projects by L.Henry
Reclaiming Our Rights - The Idea Behind this Website
by LaShanda Henry

While watching the PBS Special ‘Eyes on the Prize’, a documentary on the Civil Rights Movement, I was inspired to create a Black History page on that went beyond exploring the images and discussing the topics most commonly associated with Black History Month. Like that eye-opening documentary, I aim to connect you to a side of our history that we don’t often see; people, places and events that we are seldom remember and too often forget. [Read More]

Collective Culture Movement
A Personal Manifesto -
Black History Initiative that A Share With You

The Birth of a Movement
In 2006, while contemplating a Black Heritage Month Theme for Multiple Shades of You Online (, I was reminded of my first visit to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. On what seemed to be an ordinary day I discovered the extraordinary story of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg. He was a Puerto-Rican born black scholar; an amazing man who was once told by his fifth grade teacher that “Black people have no history, no heroes, no great moments.” Because of this statement and his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Arturo began collecting books and artifacts about people of African decent. His personal collection became the foundation of the Schomburg Center and is in essence a testament to the need for a Collective Culture Movement. [Read More]

Black History a poem for the Collective Culture Movement
by LaShanda Henry

I am to be collected
Consumed and contemplated
Communicated, feared, and revered
Loved and hated
Highly debated across color lines and social circles

I am to be collected
Protected, printed and passed
Free at last to be told
Free at last to be changed and rearranged
Worn like old fashion
That never goes out of style
I’ll be the end at which every black child’s future begins

I am to be collected
Recycled and yet a-cyclically preserved
Conserved through the ever present perfection of past
Accessible in a class
But best heard between my pepes in casual conversation
Communication keeps me real and you realized
A gift to be re-gifted
A soul forever uplifted

to be

Black Parents Regain Control over their Children’s Education
by LaShanda Henry

The secret is out. Many black parents are taking their children out of the American public school system and everyone is talking about it. Empty promises are no longer quieting poor minorities and the inner city masses. People are tired of waiting for smaller classes and bigger budgets. Black parents specifically are tired of seeing their children transform from bright eyed elementary school students into unmotivated, poorly educated, high school dropouts. [Read More]

What I'm Doing to improve Black Education
by LaShanda Henry

We always tell our kids that knowledge is power and I strongly believe that this saying applies to us as well. As parents, we have the power to open new doors for our children by better educating ourselves about the resources and opportunties available to Black Youth. We can not leave it up to the schools to define who are children are, nor can we expect to educate them completely on our own without help and advice from others. [Read More]

Be The Dream Project: An msoy original initiative to inspire and highlight positive Black Community Outreach by individals and social justice organizations.

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Doing Better for Our Boys: Every Day African American Young Men face Racism, Injustice, and Police Brutality. Every year we turn our heads and close our hearts in fear, deaf to the cries of our dieing youth - blind to the ever present destruction of our communities. Now is the time to reconnect with our young. Educate our boys and RECLAIM OUR CIVIL RIGHTS so that our black boys can grow into strong black men.

· The Stories of few - Cries of Many
Genarlow Wilson Emett Till Jena 6 Obama on Genarlow Wilson and Jena 6
Genarlow Wilson

· Know Your Rights
· · My5th - Learn about Getting stopped
· · by Police and Your Rights
· · Cop Watch - Police the Police in your
·community. Stop Police Brutality.
· · Black Lawyers for Justice

· · 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement who
·· ·Care
· · National Congress of Black Women

· Hip Hop History
· · Hip Hop Caucus: Stop Hate Crimes and
· · Police Brutality Rally

· · Hip Hop
· · Hip Hop Politics - Hip Hop Linguistics
· · Hip Hop in Review: issues of gender,
·· ·sexuality and media representation.

· · Hip Hop Helpers & Black Philanthropists

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