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Multiple Shades of You Online: African American Web Community / Web Portal Black RSS Feeds Option #1
Read African American RSS Feeds on this site:
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Multiple Shades of You Online: African American Web Community / Web Portal Add News To Your Site
If you would like to add one of these rss feeds to your site, visit Urban Dynamics and sign up for free African American sticky content. There you will find the free UD RSS Feeds Reader, which allows you to easily add the xml feeds below to your website.
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Multiple Shades of You Online: African American Web Community / Web Portal

Black RSS Feeds Option #2
MSOY Original Black Blog Feeds, click the 'XML' image for feed url.

Black Buzz News
Black News Headlines on MSOY

Black Online Entrepreneurs
A Black Business Blog for African American Online Entrepreneurs

Black Parenting
A Resource Blog for African American Parents

College In and Out (CIAO)
A Resource Blog for African American Students interested in College, Scholarships, Internships, and Career Opportunities

Shop Black | Shop Urban
A Blog that supports and promotes African American Shops and Merchandise

Sista Web
The Rants and Raves, Tips and Advice of a Black / African American Web Designer

Four Lines Is Enough
The original short poetry of LaShanda Henry

Black Bloggin
A Resource Blog for African American Bloggers / Black Blogs

Urban PR on msoy
A Promotional Blog hosting African American Press Releases

Black Out Loud
African American Cartoon, Animation, and Humor Blog

Black Girl Brown Thoughts
A Blog about the life and times of one Black Woman to other Black Women

Black Blogs on MSOY
Complete listing of all MSOY Original Blog Updates from all our Blog Feeds: view feed on homepage

Multiple Shades of You Online: African American Web Community / Web Portal

Black RSS Feeds Option #2
Straight Black News (SBN) Feed Aggregator on msoy, collects news feeds from an extensive list African American Online publications and creates new black aggregrated feeds, so that you can get all the news for one topic in one feed.

SBN: Black Books Review

SBN: Black Commentary

SBN: Black Education

SBN: Black Entertainment

SBN: Black Entrepreneurs

SBN: Black Health Issues

SBN: Black Humor


SBN: Black Men

SBN: Black News Headlines

SBN: Black Parenting

SBN: Black Science and Technology

SBN: Black Teens

SBN: Black Women

SBN: Black Hip Hop

SBN: Black International News

SBN: Random Black Blogs

If you have a feed that you would like to add to Straight Black News, email lhenry(at) for details.

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