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Black Scene
Find African Amerian Movies, Celebrities, Television Info, Online Films,Cartoons, and more!
BLACK SCENE: African American Sitcoms and Dramas  

Black Television: Past, Present, and Future

Finding Information about Black Sitcoms

Our Television History: Beulah, the first nationally broadcast weekly television series starring an African-American in the leading role, ran on ABC from 1950 to 1953. Learn more about Historical Black Television and Media on "The Museum of Broadcast Communications."

African American Television Networks and Media
African American Cartoons
Essential Afrocentric Comedy, Tv Series, and Sitcoms
Icons of Color [photos and clipart]
BET Top 25 Black Sitcoms : [find a complete listing of television shows] Subject Guide: African Americans on Tv Subject Guide: Jamaicans on Tv Subject Guide: Hispanics on Tv
African American Television [Search Urban Results] all sitcoms all the time
Watch Black Sitcoms Online
Watch Black Sitcoms on cell phone or ipod

Black TV on DVD Box Sets

  1. A Different World - Season 1
  2. In Living Color - Season 1
  3. Chappelle's Show - Season 2
  4. The Cosby Show - Season 1
  5. Good Times - The Complete Fifth Season
  6. The Jeffersons - The Complete Third Season
  7. The Richard Pryor Show, Vols. 1 & 2 plus Bonus Disc
  8. Living Single - The Complete First Season
  9. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - The Complete First Season
  10. That's My Mama - The Complete First Season
  11. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
  12. The Wayans Bros - The Complete First Season
  13. The Best of the Steve Harvey Show, Vol. 1
  14. The Jamie Foxx Show - The Complete First Season
  15. What's Happening - The Complete First Season
  16. The Bernie Mac Show - Season 1
  17. Soul Food - The Complete First Season
  18. The Wire - The Complete First Season
  19. Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete First Season
  20. 227 - The Complete First Season



Black Scene: Afrian American Movies, Trailers, Sitcoms, Television, Cartoons, etc. (


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