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The mission of A Better Today A Brighter Tomorrow () is to improve the quality of life for low income families by exposing disadvantaged minority students to the existence of community organizations that promote and implement:
  1. After school tutoring
  2. Pre-college preparation
  3. Mentoring
  4. Talent development
  5. Summer opportunities
  6. Career training

The Best Guide for Black Parents

A Better Today Brings A Brighter Tomorrow is a unique resource for Parents of Color in New York City.

It includes a close look at the many non-profit organizations that facilitate the acceptance of gifted minority students into the best New York City schools.

In addition it contains informative descriptions of academic programs outside the school system. The sum total of these descriptions is an extensive list of organizations with services ranging from: after school tutoring, pre-college preparation, mentoring, talent, summer opportunities and career training.

What's New

Coming Soon

Although the book "A Better Today Brings A Brighter Tomorrow" contains information about several National Youth Organizations for Students of Color, the majority of the book documents programs that are in the New York City Area. I am currently working on a more extensive list of programs for students outside of New York, so that you can find a village for your child whereever you may be.

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Review the site below and learn more about the different opportunities and programs available to students of color.

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